Every hacker needs a black (with green lining) hoodie to wear while staring at their matrix screensaver.

We use 'Cloke' hoodies from Aurora, they're the business. Super smooshy and some people say they are the only hoodie you'll ever need. The manufacturer has more information about chicks and dudes sizing. We acknowledge that the use of these gendered terms kind of sucks when describing an item of clothing. There's a little more info in the shopping faq. We're sorry. Also, the pockets in the "womens" hoodies are smaller than the "mens" hoodies, because you just can't get a break. Again, we're sorry. Hey, at least they are not decorative pockets. Honestly, wtf.

Sizing and fit is important to us, so if there's a size we're not offering get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Hoodies are only available here, via pre-purchase - there won't be any for cash sale at the conference. You'll probably want one.

If you have questions about our e-commerce 2000 purchasing system or about the hoodies we sell remember to check out our answers to your shopping related questions

Please remember you need to attend the 'con in order to collect your hoodie (or have someone who is attending pick up on your behalf. Yeah, i'm sure that will be fine).

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